Karol i Tadeusz Prus
Koskowice, Dolnośląskie
"I asked my dad if I could drive the model 60’ and I fell in love with it straight away."

Once my dad and my grandfather Piotr, of blessed memory, went to buy a Fiat 126P for ration stamps. When they got there my father saw Ursus C-355 in very poor condition. It was a real scrap. Grandfather notice his interest in the tractor and said ‘Leave it, I’ll buy you this Fiat. It’s gonna be enough, we have horses.’ But my dad insisted on purchasing Ursus to fix it and grandfather had no choice. They bought the tractor and renew it. When I was born in 2003 I was instantly captivated. I used to sit in it and have fun to amusement of my bad. In 2014, three years ago, my father took tractor from his friend only for a storage. Since that day this tractor is with us. When I was 10 years old I asked my dad if I could drive the model 60’ and I fell in love with it straight away. At the beginning I was driving slowly. Previously I was driving too, but in C-355 and on my dad’s knees. So, we were working in the field with my bad in two of us - dad in C-355 and me in C-360. Until this day I’m driving both. We called them ‘zielonka’ and ‘żółtek’. Those Ursus tractors work in every condition from plowing to sowing. Two truck trailers and “żółtek” C-355: Repairs are basically only painting and some minor fixes like broken water pump, which we had to replace recently, or lift pump with oil piston. My dad knows URSUS so well, that he could put a tractor together in his sleep. Both Ursus have 6000 hours of operation, so they are indestructible. I can surely recommend them. My most interesting memory with Ursus is that it made my life fascinating. Ursus taught me that hard work pay back. Thank you for listening to my story.