Dawid Majchrzak
Przeradz, Mazowieckie
"I simply have fondness for it and we've had a bond for 24 years"

Hello. The story of my Ursus C 360 started in 1984, when my grandpa received a ration to buy a Massey Ferguson 255 tractor. Back then those tractors were relatively unknown and expensive. After giving it a lot of thought, he decided to buy an Ursus C 360 - it was much cheaper and well-known.
On 18 October 1984, grandpa together with my dad travelled to Mława to collect the new c360.
After reaching their destination it turned out that there were about 15 vehicles of that model there.
Grandpa talked to the staff to choose the best one. They chose the best one, but it was incomplete, the lamps and batteries were missing, but something could be done about that so the Ursus travelled its first 60km. Later the same year he got a cabin, but sadly for the c330.
In the spring 1985 he started working for the first time on 16 hectares.
After 5 years, dad got an additional 5 hectares from his godfather, sadly it was fallow land. In 1990, they bought a Czech rotary mower and that's when hard work started for the Ursus -
it would need to seasonally cut around 50 hectares of our land and other land for profit.
The Ursus did all the jobs at the farm: ploughing, grass cutting, potato harvest, sugar beet transport, etc. In 1990, dad met mum. Everyone knows what the weather is like in the winter, when roads were covered in snow my dad would start the Ursus and drive to see his loved one. After getting married in 1991 my parents decided to build a big new house, but then it wasn't like it is now that you can get everything delivered to the location, so dad would transport all materials with the Ursus (hollow brick, cement, steel, timber and gravel), over the two years of construction works he did 1700 machine working hours. In 1994 the engine was renovated for the first time and it still works today. A day before I was born my dad's car broke so he had to drive mum to the hospital in the Ursus C 360. For the next 8 years we did not have a car, we would drive the Ursus everywhere. In 1998 he got a new cabin with mudguards.
Dad insulated it well, installed a heater and a radio. I learnt everything in that tractor, it is like a family member to us. After buying the second Ursus C 360 in 2000 we called it number one and the new one - number two. Now the Ursus C360 (number one) does light and medium-hard work in the field. There's not been any problems with that tractor, we got a really good one. There have only been small issues with the forklift seals and the generator. That Ursus was probably supposed to be exported. At the rear drive axle and the portal axles the gears have bevel teeth, which means that the engine can be heard working beautifully. Earlier this year dad transferred the Ursus c360 (number one) to me, it's serving a life sentence at this farm, it will never be sold, I simply have fondness for it and we've had a bond for 24 years.