Tomasz Juchniewicz
Kajmy, Warmińsko-Mazurskie
"It is our product and it's a good product"

- My name is Tomasz Juchniewicz. I am a satisfied owner of an URSUS C-3102. The tractor is new, purchased this year in July. It is our product and it's a good product. What more could you say.
I remember from my childhood what my mum used to tell me. I was going to nursery school. We had a 360. There was no one at home, and behind the house we had a pumpkin field. And a tiny trailer was attached. As a six-year-old, I got in, started the sixty on my own, even though I couldn't reach the clutch yet. I had to hold onto the seat. And I drove it myself. I brought pumpkins back.
Later everyone was surprised that the tractor was driving itself, because they practically couldn't see the child. That's my story about tractors.
Earlier when we were young our parents had a baler. Unfortunately someone had to pass the bales. And because the child was young, they wouldn't send the child to do that job. They started the tractor, switched on the gears. A little five- or six-year-old would sit behind the wheel and drive. On the slowest gear, while the adults would pass and arrange the bales.
It was harvest, but not with a combine, tractor, trailer - a few hours and the harvest was over. Before that people had to walk, scythe the crop with a hand-held scythe. They had to bind shiefs, transport them.
Then the threshing machine would come, the whole village would come over and thresh. They were having fun and getting work done.
- Now you practically spend all your time in the field. Sure, physically you don't do a lot of work, because it's all done mechanically, but you don't have any time left. You go back home tired, sort yourself out a bit and it's night-time. You get up in the morning and it all starts again.