Angelika Niedźwiedzka
Kowale Oleckie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie
"At our family farm, we had the first URSUS tractor in 1973"

- No job at the farm is a problem to me. I do them all with pleasure. Well, I don't like weeding the garden. I think that's the only thing I don't like. I've been interested in farming since I was a child. At first I was a bit scared to drive the tractor on my own, but at 6 years old I would drive up to the field to collect rocks. With age my skills certainly grew.
At our family farm, we had the first URSUS tractor in 1973. It took my grandpa three attempts to get a tractor. The first two times the tractor just drove away in front of his eyes. Someone was just faster to buy it. Before that, my grandpa used horses.
It was always just one brad - URSUS.
I have female friends here who also have a passion for farming. They also don't have a problem with doing any jobs.
When we were doing our vocational exam, we had to attach a ridging plough to the tractor. It was just me and two friends. Suddenly I turned round and the examiner said to be: "How did you do that?". I thought I did something wrong. But he said: "How did you do that? You've already attached the plough, and they're only just bringing it over".
Men and women should work together on the farm. To help each other. Because everyone should help somehow, to get it done together.
I remember when we drove to the field to collect remaining hay one day. I got out of the tractor, went to get something. Suddenly, I turned round and saw the tractor driving downhill by itself and my brother chasing after it. My sister and sister-in-law were sitting in the cabin and did not know which one of them should drive. They released the clutch and it was going downhill into a ditch. We managed to catch it. My brother caught the tractor. They can't drive.
I feel proud to own an URSUS. It's reliable, durable, it is a really good tractor. You can drive it everywhere. It does a good job when you work in the woods. It's got a low fuel consumption. With so much power it works very well with any machine. It's important that it's a Polish tractor. Perhaps it's not as comfortable as new tractors now and it hasn't got so much electronics. But I definitely have a fondness for it because of my childhood.