Adam and Paweł Piekarscy
Starobrzeska Kolonia, Kujawsko-Pomorskie
"It does all kinds of jobs at the farm, as it is the only tractor here"

The tractor, this URSUS C-360, came here about 1981. In practical terms, it does all kinds of jobs at the farm, as it is the only tractor here. From the start, it's been doing all kinds of jobs, from ploughing to sowing, to harvest, to grass cutting.
During the beet campaign you were transporting beet pulp from the sugar refinery and you also came here and took two more "haelki" one time and I couldn't drive out the courtyard, it was a bit difficult. I put on two empty ones, so easily I was able to drive to the sugar refinery to the funnel and to get the pulp. The pulp poured in, but to get out from underneath the funnel it was slightly downhill, but I also was able to maneuver with the tractor. Then I had to drive a bit further and turn left to the scales. But it couldn't go further anymore so it climbed on two wheels. But I was gentle on the clutch not to break it.
The weigher was there, she opened the window:
"And where are you going with that tractor, to heaven?"
I remembered something from my childhood. I wasn't able to drive it well yet and when harvest was coming, we basically waited for the harvest all year long. Because we would then drive by the sheafs. Adults would work and we, as children, would drive around. You weren't able to press on the clutch, to change the gear, but you could control the wheel. It was great fun.
So just how I taught you, sometimes when you drove here from the field you had already been told when you entered the yard, as you couldn't operate that clutch because you didn't have enough strength, so I'd told you to pull on the power lever and it would stop. And he learnt. My wife - his mum was not very happy - she was not very happy about it. Sometimes I got an earful, really bad. But I said: let him learn. So he learnt, got to know the tractor.
There are always positives and negatives, it is a simple machine, as we can see it's robust. Everything was working and still is working. It was usually rather called "the Sixty", that's the name that stuck, not Ursus, it was rather called "the Sixty", that was the commonly used name.