Karolina Trepkowska
Sucumin, Pomorskie
"Ever since I remember at the firm, my parents' farm, there were Ursus tractors"

- Ever since I remember at the firm, my parents' farm, there were Ursus tractors. From the start.
I have 4 tractors. Starting from Ursus C-330, commonly called "Ciapek" from 1976. When I started driving tractors, I started with Ursus C-330. I trained to operate farming machinery on that tractor.
And the latest one from 2016, Ursus C-380. I knew I wanted that Ursus from the start, because I knew already what they can achieve and how durable they are. While choosing the tractor it was very important to me that it's Polish. And maybe because of when I was little, these tractors were always there at the farm. Let's hope it stays like that.
A good thing is the air conditioning in it. Another good thing is the four wheel drive. What I like most is that it has power steering you can use to control it at any location. It has a bit more power, for example recently we were driving it with a bale trailer, we had to drive uphill and into a garage. There was no problem at all to drive up. If you had a "Ciapek" or the "Sixty", it would require a bit more work.
Some people say it is a bit, well a bit strange that as a girl I want to work on the farm. And some people think it's normal. From the beginning, when I was choosing my secondary school, I decided it would be a farming school. Even though everyone in my family, extended family, said: Why are you going to that school if you are a girl? What do you need to do that for?
From when I was little I always helped my parents as much I could and it's still the same today, I am still on the farm. When I was going to secondary school there was 3 girls in total in my year and 27 boys. We had an elderly professor who held practical classes in agricultural mechanics, who said that girls were no good for anything. Boys are boys, girls are girls, they should stay in the kitchen.
And he said: Now it's your turn. See if you can do it - it was also an Ursus C-330 - attach it to the trailer and reverse to the designated spot. I got into the tractor, switched it on, attached the trailer. Steered it to where it had to be driven and the professor was surprised. He said: Boys, I wish you could drive like that.