Stanisław Breza
Hamer Młyn, Pomorskie
"I am a farmer and the master of this whole yard"

- Here we are living in this small, pretty town, Hamer - Młyn. It is in Bytowski Poviat [Borough]. The area is really beautiful. The soil is not too strong, but it's good.
My name is Stanisław Breza and I am a farmer and the master of this whole yard. This Ursus was the first. It's been here at our farm for about, around, I don't even remember anymore, but it's been more than 30 years.
Most of all, these are machines you can simply fix yourself. You don't need a specialist mechanic, there are no electronics. It's all simply very simple.
Naturally, there is an engine and a gear box and some hydraulics somewhere and some pneumatics and it all has to work somehow. But in general these probably are the tractors which do best on our soil here.
These are tractors you can fix. All parts are available in all larger cities. There are no big problem with getting parts. And most of all, they are not expensive to use. This is the most popular equipment in our region and it simply does its work best.
- It's fun. My children, who also can drive it already, just like to drive it on two wheels. You attach something at the back and it's simply so much fun to drive like that - you drive on two wheels.
There are different things you can do with these tractors. For example at the front, if you get a flat tire at the front, you can put some block in front of the front axis. Sometimes I even used a rock because I needed to go so I drove on three wheels and one wheel was suspended in the air. No one got hurt, the equipment drove home nicely, without any issues.
The new ones? Yes, I like them. I can't say I don't. - It's obvious that new tractors can do more, can do it faster and all work gets done faster. I have even seen some brochures, I've looked at prices and I know more or less what it all looks like.